How to make honey hand creme with goat milk

You will need: 1oz beeswax,1 1/2 cups warmed distilled water,1 1/2 tbs honey,    1 1/2 cups sweet almond oil,5 drops essential oil of choice


Place beeswax, oil, and honey together over low heat, and stir until they are all well combined. Remove from heat,and pour into a blender. (may also use a stick blender right in the pot.) With the lid off, or through hole in the lid, slowly add the water (a tbs at a time.), beating together on the lowest setting you have. When it is all incorporated, blend on high for less than a minute. Add essential oils at this time. Pour into sterilized containers.

Hope you enjoy the recipe from: washbasinwonders.comgoat-milk

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